As an essential part of our lives, we believe sleep should be of the highest quality, for all the family. And it can be!

So often people wait and wait hoping their baby will just ‘sleep through’. More often than not, they need a little help. We will get you looking forward to a good night’s sleep again in no time. After an initial consultation, we will put together a bespoke plan for you and your baby and help put that spring back into your step.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to have met Georgie. By the time my daughter reached 8 months I was at my wits end with sleepless nights (as we know it’s a cumulative thing) and we couldn’t manage anymore. With Georgie’s incredible guidance and support we were able to overcome our sleep deprivation after a couple of nights.


Brighton based Mum of three,  passionate about making all things Mama as enjoyable as possible.

Certified sleep trainer and postnatal doula covering Brighton, Hove and London.

As an older first time Mum I was terrified of the prospect of having a new baby.  I used to really look forward to the times we had booked in. I would have so many questions and would always get such helpful answers. I would have been completely clueless without her… The stress was really lifted with Georgie’s support.


Having a baby is a big thing. There are many changes when your baby joins you on this journey and it can be overwhelming. We offer both practical and emotional support, helping you to be the parents you want to be.

You are an extremely important part of your baby’s life and you need looking after too. It’s so easy to forget about yourself and that is not healthy for anyone. Our aim is for you to enjoy these precious baby days and look back on them with joy. They go quickly, so make the most of them! New mothers often want a postnatal doula for lots of different reasons, and any reason is fine with us. The service is bespoke, to suit you and your family.

Georgie really helped us to calmly think things through and then realise our goals. She was the extra support we needed to steady the ship and stick to the plan. She told me that my baby would want to get into his cot eventually.


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All services come with a free evaluation.

Sleep Training Bundle
Bespoke plan to suit you and your baby
Guidance in your home
Communication via WhatsApp, email and phone for 1 week
Cost – £250

We can also provide our sleep training service remotely, please contact Baby Daze for an evaluation.

Postnatal Doula
Please contact Baby Daze to discuss this service.